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Noah watches as he rain begins

Noah's story

The ruler and his court make fun of Noah's predictions

Famous paintings of Noah's story

Bible scrolls

The Bible text

Bible Archaeology: did the Deluge happen?

Bible Archaeology
What really happened

Archaeology: Farming
Noah as First Farmer

Samson, another Bible hero

Old Testament heroes

Tankard of beer, the most common beverage in Old Testament times

Alcohol in the Bible

Photo of a large Middle Eastern family

Families in the Bible




Film still from 'Independence Day'

Stories about world catastrophe and the people who survive are still popular
(above: film still from 'Independence Day')

Bible Study Activities  
has more on this



Activities for individuals or groups

Movies about 'Saving the World'

Stage 1:  Make up a list
List some films about ordinary people who, in a crisis, use their skills, courage and tenacity to save the world. You can choose recent films or classics. If this is a group activity, choose films most people know.

The 'African Queen' is like an ark that saves the man and woman from death

The 'African Queen' is an ark that saves the man and woman from death

Stage 2:  Glance over your list
1.  This type of film is always fanciful, so how are the film-makers able to convince you? Is the film realistic, inspiring/uplifting, or silly? In other words, does it work?
2.  Why do people enjoy this sort of film?

Stage 3:  Choose your favorite 
4.  What are the central themes in this film? 
6.  Do any of the scenes remind you of the story of Noah, or of a crisis you experienced in your own life?
7.  Does the film portray people we ourselves would like to be, if an emergency occurred?
Stage 4:  Think about your choices
Group activity
: discuss these questions, making sure everyone in the group has a chance to talk about their ideas.
Single activity: sit down for a few minutes and focus your mind; make a quick list of your favorites; read through the Stage 3 questions, and think about your responses as you do other tasks during your day.

Movies about saving the world 

Can you name the films?

Can you see a connection with Noah's story?

'Ironman': fighting Evil, saving the worldThe 'Battlestar Galactica' transports a select group of people from a dying planet to a new world
'War of the Worlds': a man struggles to save his family in a world-wide catastrophe

'Lord of the Rings': the ring is the source of Evil, and must be destroyed

Answers HERE (see 'Noah')  Can you think of others?

Living Through Catastrophe

FloodHave you ever been in any sort of natural catastrophe? Storm, flood, fire? Send your mind back to that time. 

  • What do you remember most vividly? 

  • What were your emotions? 

  • Did you pray for help at the time? 

  • Were you comforted by God's presence, or did you feel alone? 

Share your memories with a learning partner.Write a short account of your experience.


The Bible as our Ark

 Some people say that the Bible is our personal Ark, providing shelter and guidance when we are troubled by something, or in danger. 

  • Have you found it to be so? 

  • Has the Bible helped you? 

  • Were there any particular stories, quotations or Books of the Bible that gave you comfort and strength? 

If so, make a 1-page list you can refer to from time to time.
If not, read some sections from the Book of Proverbs, the Book of Psalms or Ecclesiastes,  and see if you can find something there that would help you.

Paintings of Noah

Noah: paintings has famous artworks of Noah

Stage 1
Read Noah's story at 
Bible People - Noah

Stage 2

  • Go to Noah: paintings

  • Scroll through the paintings from first to last. Notice how modern painters have used the dark surging sea to suggest God's anger.

  • Which part of the story of Noah has been the most popular with artists?

  • Would this have been your choice?

  • Artists paint what they want to paint, but they also paint with their audience in mind. Look at the paintings again. Who is the painting directed at? Explain why you think this is so.

Stage 3
If you have chosen some other aspect of the story as your favorite, ask yourself why this other incident appeals to you more than the scene favored by the artists. Spend some time quietly thinking about your response.

Famous Quotes from Noah's Story

'But Noah found favor in the sight of the Lord.'
Genesis 6:8
'I will send rain on the earth for forty days and forty nights...'
Genesis 7:4
'...the Lord said in his heart "I will never again curse the ground because of humankind.'
Genesis 8:21
"Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth."
Genesis 9:1

Question:  What do these four quotes tell you about the narrator's image of God?



The Return of the Dove to the Ark, John Everett Millais

The Return of the Dove to the Ark, 
John Everett Millais

Focus questions

1. What are the most interesting moments in Noah's story? 
2. If you were in the story, which person would impress you
? Why?
3. What is God's interaction with the main characters? What does this tell you about the narrator's image of God? Do you agree with this image?
4. The narrator/editor has chosen to tell some things and leave other things out. What has been left out of the story that you would like to know?
5. Are the characteristics and actions of the people in the story still present in the world? How is the story relevant to modern life, especially your own? 


Reconstruction of the Ark built by Noah, from the movie 'The Bible'

Cartoon by Regan




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