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'The Ten Commandments', movie about the life of Moses

The story of Moses

Scroll of the Bible

Bible text for this story

Bronze bull calf, excavated in northern Israel

Aaron, Moses' brother

What NOT to do if you want to go to heaven: 'I want' poster

Top 10 Ways to Heaven

Piles of golden coins

Ten Ways to Hell

Golden crown topped by pearls

Shiprah & Puah

Skeleton of a cow lying in dry gravel

The Ten Plagues

The Stele of Hammurabi - a link with the stone tablets of Moses?

The Stone Tablets

Miriam, sister of Moses and Aaron; photograph of a Middle Eastern woman with veiled face

Bible Women: Miriam

Detail of Michelangelo's marble statue of Moses

Bible Artworks: Moses

Baby feeding at a breast

Baby Moses Saved

Moses and the burning bush, painting

The Burning Bush


Norma Rae hold up a 'Union' sign in the factory where she words, from the movie 'Norma Rae'

There are similarities between the stories of 'Norma Rae' and Moses. Both feel inadequate to the task, but eventually unite a group of 'slaves' to lead them to a better world

Looking for an escape route: from the movie 'Poseidon Adventure'

An oldie but a goodie, 'Poseidon' takes many of its themes from the Moses story: the people escape from a dangerous place by going through water, facing many dangers; their leader is reluctant to take on the task and does not survive; the people who climb up through the Christmas tree are saved; some decide not to go


Activities for individuals or groups

Living the Ten Commandments

Ancient rulers inscribed laws on stone pillars so everyone knew them; here the god Shamash dictates laws to Hammurabi

The Ten Commandments are far more complex than they seem. 
Take, for example 'Thou shalt not steal'. 
Steal what? 

  • Goods on credit you can't pay for?

  • A reputation?

  • A safe future?

  • Health?

  • Peace of mind?

  • A husband or wife? 

There are many things that can be stolen.

Take each commandment one by one and tease out its meaning, so that you understand what it is about.

How to Get to Heaven and How to Go to Hell are re-workings of the Ten Commandments. They may help. 

Make up a list of the ways each commandment can be kept, and can be broken - keeping them relevant to your own life.

Movies about reluctant leaders 

Can you name the films?

Can you see a connection with Moses' story?

Truman Show

The Poseidon Adventure

Norma Rae

Shawshank Redemption

Answers HERE (see 'Moses')  Can you think of others?

Famous quotes

'I Am Who I Am' (Exodus 3:14)

'Let my people go' (5:1)

These two simple quotatons from the story of Moses contain profound meanings. The first is about the Nature of God; the second about justice.

  • Read and think about the 'Famous Quotes' above. 

  • Form an idea about what each one means

  • Put your idea into words, and discuss your interpretation with a learning partner.

Something to think about

You can destroy a child in more ways than one: by teaching it bad habits, by letting it get away with too much, by failing to give it the example you should.

Here are two questions:

  • Were you spiritually/emotionally damaged or destroyed when you were a child? If so, how?

  • In what ways have you damaged or destroyed young people around you?

Think about that one…

An ethical question

  • Should Pharaoh's Daughter have disobeyed her father by saving Moses?

  • When is it right to ignore rules?

Think of some concrete examples where this might be the case. 

Discuss with a Bible Study partner or group.


Lack of faith in God

How many times have you doubted God? When you see evil things happening around you, or wonder why God allows something to happen…

Think of Moses. He had very few contacts that could be valuable to him; he was not a clever speaker who could convince people of his worth; he was not rich or powerful. But he believed that God had a purpose for him.

God has a purpose for each of us. You may not understand what it is – Moses didn’t.

But listen for God’s voice, and pray for understanding and wisdom. It will come.

Charlton Heston as Moses in 'The Ten Commandments'Believe in yourself

Moses felt inadequate to the task ahead, but he accepted God’s commission to free the Hebrews and lead them out of Egypt – even though he was reluctant to do so. 

Perhaps he saw his own failings too clearly, or let them blot out his potential. Only when God persisted did Moses give in.

  • Do you over-emphasise your failings? 

  • Do you let your lack of confidence shape your life, stopping you doing things you might be capable of? 

  • What are the best things you have achieved? 

  • Forget about modesty for the moment: make a good long list of the good things about yourself. 

  • Then thank God for being what you are!

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